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I was on transit in Singapore before heading to Hanoi. This is my second trip to the Vietnam capital, and this time i travel solo.

There is a need for me to get a new phone with better camera so that i can snap good pictures and selfies obviously! My previous device, the Nexus 5 is pretty good with snapping pictures but only with the rear camera and with HDR+ mode turned on, the front camera is just awful so taking selfie with the hammerhead is taboo.

I got the 16 GB version of Bullhead from a store in Funan Mall for SGD 445/USD 325 (16 GB is enough for me, and if i ran out of storage i could just transfer the files to my laptop with KDE Connect) it costs more than those offered by a well-known online store in that country. I did contacted that well-known online store to ask if there is stock ready unit which can be deliver on the same day considering how small Singapore is, but the contact person for the store said that they don’t have the unit in stock and all the unit are shipped from Hong Kong and took 4 to 5 days to get into the country. I got no choice but to get one from the Brick & Mortar store in Funan Mall.

For the price tag, everything in Nexus 5X is a trade-off, just like what the reviewer at AnandTech wrote. Nexus 5X has better camera than its predecessor, slightly longer battery life but the same amount of RAM and not so capable processing chip compare to those in Nexus 6P.

For me the Nexus 5X is just like a minor upgrade from Nexus 5. There are more things to dislike rather than to like, the only thing i like from the Nexus 5X is the camera, it doesn’t feel like snapping selfies from a Nexus device which historically known for its awful front facing camera. Here’s obligatory photos example:

I dislike the size which is pretty big for my asian-size hand, the ugly looking speakers and its placement that cause me many times to mistakenly holding the device upside down, the placement of jack connector which is in the bottom (We iPhone now?), mediocre battery life, tacky half-black half-white body color, but the #1 issue that bugs me is the painfully slow photo processing when snapping picture with HDR+ mode turned on. So with many disappointment over Nexus 5X, i think this will be my last Nexus device purchase and i will probably trade it for the sexy S7 Edge.

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